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#dailygratitude - nature’s gifts


Rain has passed.

Earth is moist.

Upon the ground life grows.

Roots embedded.

Arms stretched wide.

The tree stands here upright.

Seeds spark life.

Protecting earth.

In collaboration.

No longer barren.

Earth rejoices.

Nature shows the way.

Joining hands.

We all rejoice.

The beauty of this land.

Title : “the tree”

Oil on canvas


Original available.



The backstory:

A visit with nature. In May we never know what the weather will bring here in Southern California. One day it is sunny and warm the next is cloudy with a chance of rain. Even from morning to afternoon there can be a seasonal weather change. This piece was created “en plein air”. The day was planned. A group of artists headed out together to find the wilderness on the outskirts of the city. The nature preserve wasn’t far. The brisk morning breeze made me feel glad I’d worn layers of clothing. With my easel, paints, and a piece of canvas taped to a wooden board, I felt ready for the day. My heart took in the sight. Mother Nature was here in her full clothing, inviting me to become a part of her world.

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