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Art Exhibitions

Bjlane Art Gallery

"What Paths We Take"

Opens in February 2022

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BjLane Art Gallery


This year, BjLane offers an inside peek of two of her most cherished collections.  Both "The Metro Collection"and "The Classic Car Collection"are now on view at BjLane's Private Art Gallery located in Southern California. Living in a complex world, BjLane has captured light, color, depth and a different perspective of life in the city. "What Paths We Take" challenges us to slow down, look around, and be awed at the beauty of the complicated world around us

Based on the mission to discover and create heartfelt beauty, her study of human connection and communities guides you, the viewer, into the story hidden within the Artwork. 


"May the road ahead be filled with light.

May your path be filled with glowing color.

May the pavement be gentle on your feet.

May the shadows glow with warmth,

And the heaven above fill your heart with peace."


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