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Can you find the beauty

In your world today.

Be grateful for the moments.

Each and every way.

Be thankful for your life.

Your special time is now.

Let go of sorrow and sadness

Put on a smile. Here’s how:

Turn off your phone, your Facebook time.

And tour world of Art.

Find something special here and now

That speaks to your heart.


Did you enjoy this week’s Digital

IPad Collections? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a couple words about how this week’s Art has inspired, or helped you. I’m here to help you live your beautiful life through Artful Living.

Owning original pieces of Artwork is an exceptional practice. Not only can each piece of Art in your collection bring interest, beauty and meaning into your world, but you can also help keep artists like myself creating their best Art. Here’s how ...

Buy an original piece of art. You will love it forever. Visit my gift store. https://bj-lane.pixels.comInvest in a class. Learning can help lift, restore, inspire. https://www.bjlaneartgallery.com/products-and-servicesCommission a personal piece of artwork. Sponsor An Art Project.


Fine Art, Originals, Artist Prints And Gifts

Gift store: https://bj-lane.pixels.com

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Commissions Available

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