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"Let me help you
Stop and Observe.
Open your heart
and Discover Art.
Be Inspired. "

There is nothing extraordinary about acknowledging that life is loaded with challenges, some that seem unbearable burdens. But we do bear them, as best as we can, and for me, what might feel painful or hopeless or ordinary can be transformed through art into something comforting, joyous, beautiful. This is the eye through which I view the world. I search for beauty—lurking, waiting to be seen, to be exposed by a brush stroke, an impression in clay.


Like a weed, pushing its way up through dirt and asphalt to reach sunlight and blossom, I thrive as I push my way through the creative process. I exist through my discoveries—of light and dark, of the splendid colors that surround me, the textures and fragrances that define place and time, and perspectives, my own and others’.


My media are varied. I work in oils, acrylics, mixed media, and digital paintings. My subjects vary, too. I capture the vision we glimpse down a city street, the half-smile of an unsuspecting child, a memory retrieved and shared, a sadness reconceived with hope and courage, a bit of history revisited, a disconnection soothed and mended, the ripples of a sudden movement.


My colors match the passion of my desire to reveal what is missed in everyday life, to encourage people to pause and reflect, to catch sight of the precious jewels before us and see just how beautiful they are. Together, we find comfort in nature, humanity and structure.

And like the weed, my art and I survive as we make our way through the cracks in the pavement.



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