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#dailygratitude - my confidant


Thankful for you, my confidant.

You heard my words of woe.

You offered good advice to me.

You gave support so true.

I thank you for your helping hands.

Stretched out to pull me up.

I thank you for your warm, kind words.

Now healing for my heart.

Your outstretched arms to offer help,

In my hour of need.

You give me hope. You give me strength.

To know that someone cares.

You are my dear friends, near and far.

You are my family.

Grateful for you, my comrades thee.

Your friendship has no end.

Portrait - private commission

Oil on canvas



The backstory:

In beloved memories of my dear friend and her husband, this portrait was created as a gift for all the love and support given to me and my artful journey. I chose to share this special memory today as it reminds me of friends from the past, and present—and newly forming relationships. You are close to my heart. I hope this work of the Poetry of Art helps tell the story of friendships. Let me take your hand today and lift you up.

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