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Daily Gratitude- Sweet Dreams

Tired eyes. A sleepy mind.

It’s time to rest my head.

The day is done. I’ve had some fun.

I should lay down in bed.

But here I sit upon the chair.

I want to work instead.

It’s hard to let the day depart.

I have so much to do...

I want to paint! I want to write!

I want to play a tune!

Yes, I know, the morning sun

Will make things right real soon.

But now I think I’ll rest a bit.

I close my eyes and dream.

And so I dreamt of beauty true.

I dreamt a dream of you.

“Smell the Daisies”-Acrylic and Oil Pastel on Canvas Board 18”x24”

The Backstory:

A portrait of my youngest daughter when she was just a child. She is portrayed around 4-years-old. She was born with a disability ... Autism. Now 30, she still lives at home with us. Our life together has been filled with turns and twists, ups and downs, learning and love. The greatest gift I’ve received throughout this journey is what I’ve learned:

To take time to look and see. Listen. Feel. Experience. Have empathy. Except the things I cannot change. Learn what can be done. Follow my heart. Dream big. Believe.

And just do.

One step every day.

After all, it’s a beautiful life!

It takes only one moment to make a beautiful memory. Let me help you remember yours.

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