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#dailygratitude - Celebration.


The sun shines bright.

A brand new day.

Clouds drift across the sky.

Sweet butterflies

And ladybugs

Are dancing all around.

The flowers bloom.

And trees turn green.

A new beginning here.

Let’s all join in.

Come celebrate.

A lovely fine Spring day.


“Fruhlinsfest”, Lady in Pink

Lady in Pink Series

24”x 20”

Oil on canvas

Plein air

©Bjlane 2008

Original Available

April special: $1800

Prints and gifts


The backstory:

An opportunity to go to Europe in 2008 brought me to this place. My second trip to this village, I found a view from another direction…facing Kempen’s splendid pink church…the center of the town. What appear odd in this portrait are the surreal ladybugs that are apparently flying through midair. The spring festival…a celebration of rebirth…features this creature of fertility. A few days following the festivities, the emblems still fly as a family takes an afternoon ride through the town. The lovely “lady in pink” is sits at the cafe table as she watches me paint this medieval town.

Spring Fest

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