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Daily Gratitude - The Silver Lining

“Silver Lining “ oil on canvas 36”x54”

“Where’s Mine?”oil on canvas 12x”12”

The morning gloom has settled in.

My hopeful heart feels blue.

I wished for sunny skies today.

But there’s a different hue.

Instead I see above the earth,

Skies filled with gray.

Where can I find my gratitude?

I ask myself today.

I lift my head and see the light

Shining from above.

A silver lining shining bright

Upon the world I love.

After all, it’s a beautiful world.


May 2020 A month-long exhibition

“Pairing The Nature Of Color”

The juxtaposition of two paintings in a confined space. Observe the color. Meet the subject. Experience Art.

Let’s bring our world together creatively.



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