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Daily Gratitude - the gift

A precious gift.

The gift of art.


Lasting a lifetime.

“Summer Magic”

Oil on canvas 36”x36”


Owning original pieces of Artwork is an exceptional practice. Not only is each original piece in your collection a one-of-a-kind artifact which can bring much joy to you and your loved ones, but you can help keep artists like myself creating their best Art. You can make a difference.

  1. Buy an original piece of art.

  2. Sponsor a private art session for yourself or someone else

  3. Commission a personal piece of artwork directly.

  4. Donate funds to sponsor a Big Dream Art Project.

  5. Call, email or message me for inquiries.

I am here to help you live better

through Artful Living.

Commissions Original art

Let’s bring the world together creatively.

Custom Art just for You

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