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Why own original Art?

Colors of the New

In this world of gadgets, dollar stores, reality TV, and online shopping, why would you want to own a piece of Original Art?

The following excerpts from the Huffington Post offer 10 reasons to own original artwork:

1. Owning original artwork has a positive effect on the environments of people who own it .

2. it inspires us to look at the world in a different way ...

3. Buying art supports artists directly, allowing them to continue with their creative process, which in turn continues to improve the quality of life for all of us

4. Art is an environmentally-friendly form of enjoyment

5. Original artwork intrinsically feels handmade

6. Your art choices and curating your own art collection is a means of personal expression and this reflects your individual personality

7. Owning something that's all yours is an exciting thing

8. Though investment purposes shouldn't be the main incentive for buying original art, it doesn't hurt that a piece you bought ten years ago has doubled in value

9. ... art in your home or office can really humanize the space you're in

10. Art can inspire thought and questions in adults and children alike, engaging the viewer to think and learn about the subject matter


show closes Friday, 2/24/17

Paintings and Drawings

Originals On Display

Weichert Realtors/Murphy & Murphy

Fine Art Showcase

130 N. Main

Fallbrook, CA 92028

Embrace the Arts. Take time to enjoy Art in your community!


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