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Inspiration ...

Portrait of the Green House on Royal Oaks Drive, Duarte CA

0622 “The Green Home”

©2006 Bjlane

medium: oilbars oil & on canvas

size: 24”x20”

original available: $1200.00

Inspiration comes in many ways . . .

Set on a quaint backroad, a white Victorian home stood quiet, just waiting to be acknowledged. In its day, it had been a beauty–a landmark. During the 30+ years I had resided in Duarte, I had driven down Royal Oaks Drive many a time. I'd seen it––t was set back from the road, between apartments and the intersection––still I rarely would catch this beauty. When I was lucky enough to turn my head in the right direction my heart would tell me I'd seen history worthwhile studying. But just where was it located? One warm summer morning, at the end of the walking trail, my eyes turned towards the left. There she was! Dressed in a fresh coat, a glimmering green and white structure stood proudly. I was destined to give this home yet another lifetime—one on canvas. I returned to the location a week later, and began my study. Three months later, I applied the final touches—another treasure worth remembering.


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