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Musing of the artist...Blog of Bjlane

"The Journey"- a Self Portrait of Discovery 24"x 30" ©2011

I hear the breeze as it whistles through the straw hat upon my head. I feel the hot sun as it begins to set on the horizon. The surrounding, rhythmic clouds retain the glow of the bright, summer day. I look into the distance and see myself. I see humanity's mark on nature. I see nature's mark on mankind. I watch as communities of people coexist in their environments. They all do their best to make sense of their lives. I contemplate, observe, and make my mark upon the earth with tools of the artist. Brilliant colors, linear perspective, gestural strokes and blended medium combine to form my artistic statement. Searching for the beauty in all, I create from my heart.

Hold my hand. Let's do this together. Be brave. Be still. Take a quiet moment to observe your own life, your joy, your sorrow, your purpose...and search for the beauty of the journey. Take this journey with me...a journey of life.

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