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#dailygratitude - the painters corner

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

How came this creation?

It was here always.

Why did the art emerge?

The heart controls the beast.

When came the inspiration?

Fleeting moment, turned to action.

What saw the artist, she?

Life’s story in full color.

What story to be told?

The essence of true beauty.

Where did the art unfold?

In the painters corner, of course.

“In the Painter’s Corner”

Lady in Pink Series

24”x 20”

Oil on canvas

En plein air


Prints and gifts

In the Painter's Corner


The back story … The Lady in Pink Series (a journey with my sister)

A day-trip up the Rhine landed me in Bacharach, Germany. With only a few hours to paint, I scurried up top the main street, and found a cozy little area where local residents lived. In the background I could just see the cow gate to the village. The walkway (the entrance to this little community) I later found out was called “The Painter’s Corner”. A local resident came out to greet me, and though he spoke no English, he was able to get across that he too was an artist. He gave me a print of his drawing from the same view I was painting from. As visitors passed by, “the lady in pink” stood in the foreground admiring the beauty and without warning, became part of the scenery.

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