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#dailygratitude - Days gone by


Take a walk

Down memory lane,

And see what can be learned.


Of days gone by,

To find what used to be.

People lived.

Farmers worked

The land with hands and heart.

There’re those who built

And those who toiled

To make a life worthwhile.

There were those who laughed.

And those who cried.

And fought for their beliefs.

So grateful for

Days gone by.

To those who now are gone.

They taught us of


To sing the song of life.

“Haus Rasein”

Lady in Pink Series

24”x 20”

Oil on canvas


Read the backstory

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The backstory:

The historical museum in Grefath “Niederrheinisches Freilicht Museum an der Dorenburg” is a quaint open-air village filled with farm buildings, the country store, and an ancient castle “the Dorenburg”. Run by the government, the museum offers the visitor a taste of the past. Here in the farmyard a resident chicken posed while the barn stood in the distance with the well on the right. One can imagine the life that went on here as you open doors that welcome you into the past. Old tools hang on walls, the country store offers fresh made bread baked by Tanta Emma Laden (a woman dressed as aunt Emma) and a sweet herb garden, (adorned with a gnome),hides around the corner.

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