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#dailygratitude - the dance


To the left. To the right.

Arms wide open.

Breathing in. Breathing out.

Bending. Swaying.

Life’s a dance. Hear the music.

Leaping. Spinning.

On the stage. For each other.

Keep the rhythm.

In the moment. Life’s a dance.

Keep on moving.

Title: “Fleur Rein - Stage Left”

Title: “Fleur Rein - Stage Right”

Digital IPad Painting


Prints available on request


The backstory:

These two paintings were inspired by the “Waltz of the Flowers”, in the Nutcracker Ballet, performed by the Pasadena Dance Theatre. Both dancers danced the part of the lead Ballerina. Most patrons saw one dancer or the other; yet, I was most honored to photograph both as they performed during the dress rehearsal. Using photographic references, both pieces were drawn freehand, directly on my iPad with sketchbook pro. The background was digitally added from one of my own oil pieces—representing the floral dance.

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