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#dailygratitude - thankful for the chef


Cutting. Chopping.

Dicing. Mashing.

Measuring and mixing.

Baking. Boiling.

Frying. Broiling.

Simmering and stirring.

Beating. Basting.


Blanching. Grilling. Roasting.

It tastes real good.

Just as it should.

Upon the dinner table.

Title : "cookin’m up"

Digital IPad Painting



The backstory:

At a favorite restaurant, this piece was painted on my iPhone while watching the Worker’s prepare my special meal. In an orderly manner, their bodies seem to dance precisely in their tiny workspace—exacting, geometrical, orderly—just like their environment. Lines, spacing, and color were placed quickly on my tiny screen with my digital brushes. Soon my number was called.m ... but not before I captured a brief moment in time.

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