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#dailygratitude - summertime


May is gone.

School is out.

Spring is almost done.

County fairs.

Nice warm days.

Lots of things to do.

Camping out.


Fun vacation plans.

I can’t wait!

June has come.

Summer’s almost here.

Title : “double the pleasure”

Digital IPad Painting




The backstory:

When you were young, did you look forward to Summertime? Leaving the past behind, we excitedly plan our Summer Vacation—sleep in, go swimming, meet up with friends, go fishing, ride bikes, sleepover, and summer carnivals. As we grow up, sometimes life gets in the way. That needed break is abandoned and replaced with obligation or necessary work orders. But even as adults we need that break. We need to rejuvenate, relax, and chill. We need to first take care of ourselves, so we can be there for others. Here’s your chance to take a break—hop aboard this Antique Carousel and enjoy the ride! Take in a breath of fresh air. It will do you good.

One of two paintings of this Antique Carousel, this artwork was created on my iPad, at night, in the Fun Zone at the County Fair.

Painting digitally has its challenges, yet can also be very rewarding. The hardest challenge arise when the sun glows brightly on the screen, thus inhibiting the artist from seeing exact color selection and intricate visual details. Placing the tablet inside a box can reduce external lighting, allowing the artist to see a bit more clearly. However, at night the ease of using a tablet is greatly enhanced. With the backlit canvas, and no-mess palette, a tablet/iPad is a perfect solution for a fun nocturnal piece like this one.

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