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#dailygratitude - stepping up


Reaching high.


One step at a time.

Perfect form.


Moving forward.

Conscious of space.

Conscious of mind.

Conscious of body.

Overcoming the odds.

Title : “Fleur Rein - Stage Left”

Mixed Digital - IPad Painting

Size: Variable



The backstory:

There’s much to learn from ballet. The hard work, dedicated time, and energy it takes to be a dancer is painstakingly difficult. But dancers carry on—jumping, leaping, and reviewing the basic steps every day. First warmups at the bar, and then warmups on the floor. Finally, when their bodies are warm, and their blood is pumping hard, comes the dance. Their faces come alive, and their hearts engage. It has come—the chance to use their knowledge. An opportunity to dance the dance. A moment to give their all.

This piece was originally created freehand on the iPad with a drawing program. Eventually, the piece was remixed with other digital programs to create this version. Inspired by the Nutcracker Suite by the Pasadena Dance Theatre, it still one of my favorites, as it reminds me to dance through life.

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