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#dailygratitude - Spring’s Dance


Colors soft. The flowers bloom.

Shades of pink and blue.

Air is filled with signs of Spring

So sweet is the smell.

Gusty wind blows. Flowers dance.

Upon the earth they sway.

Clouds move swiftly through the sky

And soon there’s chance of rain.

Sun shines down upon the earth.

And life is born again.

Title: “Groupe de Danseur Une Fleur #3-

Mixed Digital oil



The backstory:

One of my favorite Ballets is “The Nutcracker Suite”. As the Ballet progresses, there are many dances which are performed one after the other. This piece was inspired by “The Waltz of the Flowers”. In this scene the dancers seem to glide through the air with flower-laden hoops. Twirling and leaping , it is as if the world is full of flowers being affected by a brisk windy gust of air. Can you hear the music?

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