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#dailygratitude - road of life


Dawn to dusk.

On our way.

Going somewhere.

Happy days.

Sad days.

Days of joy and grief.

Holding on.

Holding tight.

Precious moments lived.

We reflect.

On those now gone.

And those who’ve just begun.

Not alone.

Side by side.

Down the road of life.

Title: “The Unmarked Highway”

Digital IPad Painting



The backstory:

This piece was created while on the road, with my iPad and fingers. As I painted, cars and scenery moved constantly, causing me to quickly decide which elements would be a part of this painting.

Freeway driving is a bit like the road of life. Stop and go. Fast and furious one moment, then calm and slow the next. Traveling from one city to the next can be challenging. On ramps. Off ramps. Carpool lanes. Fas Trak, Express Lanes. Imagine now, a freeway with no signs. No technology to guide our way. Only the sea of cars and lights passing both directions. Suddenly an unmarked highway sign appears. Should we exit? Turn around? Or should we stay on the road ahead? It’s all up to us.

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