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#dailygratitude - precious moments

Updated: May 20, 2019


Precious moment slip on by.


Caught up in the busy world.

Stop to look.

Connecting with those we love.

So precious.

Don’t let moments slip away.

Take in life.

Being grateful for the blessings.

Every day.

Title: “lunch”

Digital IPad Painting



The backstory:

This piece was inspired by a simple scene.

Shopping day at Costco is always a bit hectic. Trying to remember all the list of items you need to buy, the crowds of other shoppers rushing here and there, and always a time limit. One day, after an hour of shopping, I was exhausted. As my husband went to order the hotdog special, I looked around for a vacant table. The buzz of conversation was around me. People were standing in a long line for food. Tables full. Carts sat around full of shopping treasures. As I secured a seat, I espied a family at the table in front of me—mom, dad, big sister and grandma—all gathered to partake in an ordinary activity. Lunch. Twins sit on the other side of the table, ready for their serving of hotdog and soda. The busy noise of rolling carts and muffled voices were disregarded. The small intimate group seemed to ignore the outside world, as they focus on their nucleus. Family.

It took me only seconds to pull out my iPad and begin this quick study. For a few minutes I entered their world, capturing precious moments.

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