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#dailygratitude - May Day


It seemed the world was very still.

But when I turned around

There was a fiery blaze of light

That made a joyous sound.

It was the flowers dancing

Upon this Earth so sweet.

They raised their pretty arms up

And steadied their small feet.

Brightness of the golden sun

Showed colors full of hue.

The flowers danced happily

Yellow, green, pink, and blue.

I took a moment to give thanks.

The dance of life we live.

Giving thanks for Mother Earth

For all that she does give.

Title: “Dancing Flowers’”

Mixed Digital-Oil Painting


Special Order Prints Available


The backstory:

Spring is such a wonderful time of year. No matter what, flowers bloom, and new life begins. This piece was inspired by the tulip gardens in Germany. First created in oil on canvas, this piece was eventually remixed with digital paint. Unexpectedly the blooms are reborn, offering a chance to enjoy their energetic dance—once again.

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