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#dailygratitude - inspired


Just look around and you might find

A key to inspiration.

Ideas might be camouflaged.

Unlock imagination.

Inventiveness may come to you

When you, at night, are dreaming;

Or in the day when sunlight shines

And helps you start a thinking.

And suddenly it’s clear to you.

It comes together in your mind.

That’s when to take a leap and “do”.

The feeling truly is sublime.

Title : “a stop at the depot”

Digital IPad Painting



The backstory:

It’s funny how often date night turns into a trip to Home Depot. After dinner and a movie, many times you can catch my husband and I as we detour briefly to pick up materials for either house repair, or art projects. This particular night I decided to wait and paint in the car while my husband did the shopping. Created on my iPad with my finger “en pleinair”, I captured the building lights, parking lot, and a parked car. As my painting progressed, I placed a sweet portrait of this woodie right next to me. It’s a good thing that my husband took 45 minutes in the store. I took time to be inspired. Now I hope it inspires you too!

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