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#dailygratitude - Happy Mother’s Day!


These flowers are for you my friend,

Who give your gift of love.

To raise the child, or raise the spirits

Of others in this world.

Without your precious caring heart,

The world would suffer true.

You show me courage, faith and hope.

To live a life of grace.

Title: “Fun With Flowers”

encaustic & mixed medium on wood panel





The backstory:

Being a mother can be one of the most wonderful experiences in a life. Watching as a child grows within you, seeing that newborn for the first time. And then watching as the child develops, crawls, walks, and runs. The school years, the runny noses, the tears ... all are part of growing up. No, I’m not talking about the child growing up, but the mother growing up. I’ve learned so much from my children. I’ve learned my own emotions. I’ve faced my fears. I have found my joys. I’ve also learned about life and unconditional love.

I believe most women have qualities of motherhood. So, today I also celebrate those women. I’ve known many women in my life who either have chosen not to, or have not had the opportunity to have children of their own. Some are the women who live their lives for the betterment of other people. Some are the women who fight for our freedom’s. Some are women who teach our children, nurse our sick, or seek solutions to unsolved problems. You are a special kind of mother. You have learned life’s lessons and give love to more than just your own child. You bless the world with a mothers touch. I believe in you.

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