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#dailygratitude - sisterhood


Grateful for you, my sisters dear.

Where ever you may be.

You are my confidant my friend.

You are my family.

We share our triumphs and our joys.

Our worries and defeats.

With you I’m safe to share myself.

You make my world complete.

I believe in you.

“The Parasol”

Garden Sculptures

The Huntington Library

oil on primed canson paper

19”x24 1/2”


Commissions and Prints available


The backstory:

This painting was inspired by a sculpture at the Huntington Library. On a walkway across from the Library that leads into the sculpture gardens, two cupids hide among the flowers and surrounding shrubbery. One cupid rests while the other holds a parasol. An act of friendship. Love helping love. An unknown French sculptor created the original sculpture.

Credit to The Huntington Library

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