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#dailygratitude - finding peace


Tired heart. Heavy eyes.

Silence. Motionless.

Eyes focused on the road.

One stride at a time.

Shapes appear one by one.

Bending into space.

Color dances in air.

Bright lights show the way.

Colors streak across the sky.

Sleeping heart awakes.

Title: “finding peace”

Mixed Digital-Oil Painting


Special Order Prints Available


The backstory:

Traveling on freeways is a fact of life here in Southern California. As the City gets more populated, there never seems to be a moment when traffic is sparse. It’s easy to get caught up in frustration. We are always on guard for someone to cut us off. Yet my heart desperately wants to find purpose, joy, pleasure. And then my artful eye begins its search.

This digitally inspired piece was created long after the original piece was completed. You can view it on my website ...

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