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#dailygratitude - cloudy days


Spring day. Clouds remain.

Breathe the scent of rain.

Upon payment splash and drip.

Sprinkles on the ground.

Plans changed. Life rearranged.

We sigh a brief regret.

Sun has spent its last small light.

And what have we achieved?

In quiet thought we contemplate.

Reflecting on our day.

Did we give life its full regard?

Live? Love? Smile? Play?

Glowing light surrounds the heart.

We see life’s greatest gifts.

Each day we have another chance.

Another chance to live.

Title: “Digital Metro #2 (Mostly Sunny)”

Mixed Digital oil



The backstory:

This digital rendition of the original piece “mostly sunny “ (which you can find on my website) was originally contrived through several photo sessions as I rode through Los Angeles, California. After getting enough reference material, I created an oil painting on canvas. Years later I would go back and re-create this image digitally, redefining the beauty of line and color.

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