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#dailygratitude - Art from the Heart

Updated: Oct 28, 2019


This week - Poetry of Digital Medium

#dailygratitude - technology

Ringing. Dinging. Message. Phone calls.

Email and distraction.

In this world of technology

I am losing traction.

Overwhelmed and way too busy,

The world seems to be.

I just want to sneak away.

Or maybe paint a tree.

I put my phone on silent mode.

I still my cluttered mind.

The world becomes a quiet place

Where I can take my time.

A painting app has caught my eye.

I start to paint and draw.

Now I can see technology

Can fill me up with awe.


The backstory:

I remember when the iPad first came out. It was the latest craze. I seemed everyone wanted one—but not me—that is until I discovered drawing and painting programs which could be used to create beautiful art.

This weeks selection is of paintings done directly with the iPad. Each of these pieces were created on location with just my fingers and the touch screen.

I hope you will join me this week as I share with you the joy of technology as art.

These collections are especially curated for you and presented with poetry and story from the heart.

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