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#dailygratitude - a slow down

Updated: May 20, 2019


Fast paced world.

City life.

Rapid speed.

Get there now.


Honking horns.

Slowing down.

Traffic jam.

Stopped ...

Look around.

Feel the rhythm.

See the night.

One moment.

Sweet as jelly.

Colors dance.

Brilliant lights.

Mind is still.

Eyes wide open.

Connected heart.

Artist paints.

Title: “slow down”

Digital IPad Painting



The backstory:

For years I’ve sketched traffic at night. As a hands free passenger I couldn’t sit idly by. My mind was intrigued by the moving night scene with freeway over passes, signs and road markings. And cars ... moving, changing lanes , brake lights and tail lights. The road keep calling me to capture the scene. So, I finally bought a sketchbook filled with black paper, and used colored pencils to put down my mark. My plan to use the dome light was quickly rejected by my significant other. But we came to a mutual agreement that I could use a small battery lap lamp. It wasn’t long before I owned an iPad and several drawing/painting programs. These new tools were a perfect solution. My only problem now, was to capture movement, while I myself was moving through space. One night I finally had my chance. I saw the red lights ahead. Traffic crawled. Then ... no movement. It took me only seconds to grab my iPad and begin this piece. A 25-minute nocturnal study of traffic—perspective, colors, and light. I was probably the only one on the freeway that night who was thankful for a traffic jam.

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