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#dailygratitude - a little sunshine


Shining in the window

Brightly blazing.

Here’s a little sunshine.

To lighten your day.

Open up the window

And feel the warm light.

Title: “backlit tulips”

Mixed Digital-iPad painting


The backstory:

Escaping from my regular daily routines, I had the chance to visit with my youngest sister. Living in different States, it’s a challenge to find time for each other; but we manage to visit with each other at least twice a year. This particular morning my sibling headed out to work early. The day was mine to use at my leisure. At 9:30 my sleepy eyes squinted at the bright glow. The mid-morning sun shown through the kitchen blinds. A vase of fresh tulips sat on the table, glowing with color. My iPad was fully charged. With no hesitation, my fingers started to work. Soon vivid color was captured on my digital canvas.

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