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#dailygratitude - a fresh look


Quiet Reflection.

Soulful peace.



Fresh ideas.

Treasured Memories.

A brand New day.


“Kolner Dom”

Lady in Pink Series

24”x 20”

Oil on canvas

Plein air

©Bjlane 2008

Original Available

(read the backstory)

Prints and gifts

The backstory:

In 2008, for 21 days I embarked on an experience that would change my life forever. I began this series “Lady in pink”, en plein air—direct on location, painting daily in Europe. Each place I visited brought new awareness of the culture and people of the area. Every day I felt my heart filled with excitement. Every day I began anew. A fresh look. A foreign land. A connection with community.

The mighty height, blackened peaks, and intricate detail took my breath away. My attempts at photography did not record what I experienced with the naked artistic eye. We were rushed for time. No canvas. No paint. I could only hope I would get a second chance to visit this Cathedral before I left for home. Luckily, a few days later I returned to Koln (Cologne)—easel placed, canvas ready, paint in hand. A quick compositional drawing was underway when thunder and lightening warned me of the pending storm. My painting gear was packed quickly. My 30-minute study abandoned. The image vivid in my mind returned back home with me to be completed later in my studio.

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