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"I am a gardener ..."

1308 "Blossoming Love"

Medium: Paperclay, Acrylic, and Oilbars on wood panel

Size: 24"x30"

©2013 Bjlane

"I am a gardener. My tools are seed, soil, water and sun."

The seed is idea––a chance of existence created from thought, knowledge, and imagination . . .

Planted in the heart and mind, the seed begins to grow––forming line, shape, and volume . . .

Nourishing the ground with richness, a watered wash of transparent earth tone is gently brushed on the surface . . .

Dimension, color and texture emerge . . .

The final piece is the timeless bridal bouquet shining like the sun . . .

Brilliant blossoms in color

never wilting, never fading . . . Challenging the tests of time


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