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#dailygratitude - Visions


Pungent smells of plant and earth.

The world was shining bright.

The summer sun had brought its rays.

The sky was filled with light.

I closed my eyes upon the scene

Imagined birds in flight.

The fountain splashing water fresh.

I looked on with delight.

The heat and dryness of the day

Diminished, it did seem.

I could not feel the itchy grass.

All vanished in my dream.

I still see the vision clear.

Vivid color. Sky of blue.

The world at peace. A place of joy.

These gifts that I once knew.

The Backstory:

Looking through old family photographs, I found several vivid memories. In the background is the earliest home I remember living in. The fountain, birds have come alive through my childhood dreams. My sister and brother are with me eating watermelon. These are sweet moments I still treasure. Childhood’s colorful imagination, finding peace in the moment, and being with family.

After all, it’s a beautiful life.


“MEMOIRS OF THE HEART”- ART EXHIBIT through March 28, 2020

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Vista, CA 92084

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