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#dailygratitude - today


Having fun this Summer day.

Enjoying sites and sounds.

Spending time with those I love.

Special, happy moments.

A fun movie. A little lunch.

A trip to see some beauty.

A day to play. It is the best.

A good old fashioned time.


Title: “Woodie”—in Silvertone

Digital Silvertone Rendition


Prints available on request


The backstory:

This is a digitized rendition of an original 12”x12”oil painting series I created a few years back, which I named “Little Jewels”. It was my first attempts to capture sweet classic cars on canvas. Over several summers, I spent time sketching and photographing my favorite “jewels” at local car shows, and brought those memories back with me into my studio for inspiration. In the studio it was such fun to bring these little portraits to life with colorful oil paint.

Not long ago, I began studying digital medium and recreated several of these pieces with digital tools. In this rendition, the digital glow of “silvertone” shows soft highlights and deep shadows and is easy on the eye as the shapes and lines are emphasized. Honestly, I can’t figure out which pieces I love the best ... the original oil paintings or the new-age digital renditions.

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