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#dailygratitude - those before us


The Poetry of Art - Sculpture Collections

“Bringing important women in history to life through the art of sculpture and costume.”

Mixed medium: paper clay, acrylic styrofoam, costume, wig, and collaboration from “The Quad Collaborative”

©”The Quad Collaborative”

The backstory:

Artists give our Heart and Art to the world in many different ways. We teach, post our art on social media, and sometimes donate pieces and/or our time help the community learn about Art. This collection of heads is one of my contributions to important women in history who must not be forgotten.

As a member of The Quad Collaborative, I’ve had the honor of creating several head portraits which give life to the historical figurines. You can see them in their full attire on their website:

Several of our sculpturettes are now in public places for you to enjoy. Elizabeth Cady Stanton can be viewed in person at the Women’s Museum in San Diego. Eleanor Roosevelt has taken temporary residence in Fallbrook at the women’s club.


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