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#dailygratitude - the weekend


Work is done. The weekend comes.

The world is slowing down.

Colors in the springtime sky.

Bring scattered light around.

Today’s the day to rest and play.

It’s time to take a nap.

Meet up with friends and family.

It’s time to celebrate.

Its perfect for a midday ride.

The moment is right now.

Don’t miss this lovely time of year

Come take a ride with me.

“The bike trail”


Oil on canvas



Special order Prints available

The backstory:

On a late Spring afternoon, I packed my art equipment and headed back to this spot. A favorite walking path, the trail was once built for one of the transport train cars which passed through Duarte, Ca. Long abandoned, this pathway had turned into a walking trail used by both bikes and local residence.

As I put up my easel, and set out my paints, a bikers stopped and exclaimed “this is so wonderful seeing someone painting this pathway! “ He had seen many “plein air” artists in Europe, but never in his own hometown.

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