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#dailygratitude - the hero


“The American Hero” - Classic Car Collections

Oil on canvas 24” x36”


FINE ART FOR SALE - Originals & Prints

Commissions Available 760-728-1506


The hero is the one

Who faces life with courage.

The hero is the person

Who let’s go of ego.

The hero is the father

Who hugs his little boy.

The hero is the friend

Who listens with her heart.

The hero is the soul

Who loves unconditionally.

The hero is here.

The hero is you.


The backstory:

This Portrait of hook and ladder trucks symbolizes the decades of dedication and bravery unselfishly offered by our firefighters. The American Flag is prominently displayed over the beautifully embellished antique vehicle and reflected in the modern fire truck.

This important piece reminds me of all the hero’s in our world. And the hero in all of us.


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