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#dailygratitude - the gift


Here’s some color. Just for you.

A mix of greens and reds.

Blue and oranges. Purples, reds

Lavender and yellow.

A palette full of hues and shades.

A eye full of splendor.

To help brighten up your day

Wherever you may be.

Title : “Just For You”

Oil Pastel on paper



The backstory:

I signed my name. I thought, “Hurrah! Finally! Done”.

A painting I began at the San Diego County Fair still sits in my dining room—a box of oil pastels still open on the table. It’s been there for two weeks now, and I’ve seen it every day. Today is the day for its reveal ...

As the image percolated in my vision, I heard the painting call to me. “I am not yet alive. Don’t put me away for another day. I am still just beginning. Listen to me speak”. “Place flowers in round vase.” “Add deep shadow. and use complimentary colors.” “Adjust the negative space and add elements from the environment.” “Create a digital rendition.” I followed its demands.

Soon waxy pigment and paper became a work of Art. A painting was born.

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