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The Poetry of Art - Self Portrait

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In a mirror

I saw my life

Once upon a time.

I wondered then

What would I be.

Once upon a time.

I had my dreams.

I did my work.

Once upon a time.

And here am I.

I give my gifts.

Upon this world of mine.


The backstory:

Sitting on the floor before the mirror, I studied the young woman’s reflection. I stilled my mind. I took in a long breath and began to push and pull the wet pigment around on the smooth, wet, cold-press watercolor paper. On my own, single, and jobless, at 20-years-old, in the huge metropolis of L.A., I held onto the one thing I had left ... my creative spirit. I knew everything was going to be ok.

Finding my first job teaching drawing lessons at the Glendale Galleria was not going to help me pay the rent, but this was the beginning of a journey—growing and learning about endurance and fortitude, and never giving up on myself and the expression of life that spoke to my heart.

And the Artist paints.

After all ... it’s a beautiful life!

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