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#dailygratitude - the artful moments


Standing here.

Poised for action.

Readied with anticipation.

Subject in view.

Painting strokes.


Flesh glaze of hue.

Capturing life.

In the moment.

Title: “self portrait- color glaze”

Oil on canvas

Commissions and Prints available


The backstory: “A lesson in glazing”

Many “portrait masters” used (and still use) this technique often to describe a realistic portrait. First created in sepia, white, and grey tones, the figure is rendered with accuracy. Once dry, fine transparent colors are then layered with different colors (glazed) on top of the toned figure. The result is a realistic, vibrant piece of art, with subtle colors throughout.

In this artful piece I started by creating a two-toned rendering with oil paint. After the rendering was dry, I began the glazing process, and specifically chose to NOT glaze certain areas of the design. This left some areas colorless, thus giving the viewer a peek at a moment of creating, rather than a finely finished product.

Grateful for the artful moments.

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