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#dailygratitude - summer escape


I hear a whisper in the wind.

It speaks so quietly.

“Let go take a trip”, it says.

“Come have some fun with me.”

“Let’s travel near the Oceanside.”

“Let’s smell the fresh clean air.”

“Or we can drive the windy roads

Atop the mountain high.”

“It doesn’t matter where we go.

It could be Ten-Buck-Two.”

“Just grab your keys and take a ride.

I’ll be there by your side.”

Title : “The Great Escape-Study"

Digital IPad Painting



The backstory:

As Spring ends, the first hot day of Summer always makes me want to head outside and take a drive.

One particular day I was scheduled to meet up with a group of artists who were planning to paint outdoors. We were to gather in a town Eagle Rock”, and the plan was to get a good view of the famous rock that was the namesake of this little town tucked between Glendale and Pasadena. At a certain time of day the side of the huge bolder was partly in shadow. With a bit of imagination , the shadow looked a little bit like an eagle ... thus the name of the town “Eagle Rock.”

As my friend and I approached the freeway exit to this icon, we noticed that the morning sun was shining brightly on the side that would have been the Eagle symbol. One huge bright bolder stood laughing at us. Quickly changing our plans, we took the opportunity to drive around town to find other icons to paint. I took several reference photos, and eventually we started heading home. It was then that I saw it ... Ed’s sweet ‘57 Chevy. Quickly grabbing my handy dandy camera, I snapped away before he had the chance to escape. I eventually put him in a piece entitled “The Great Escape”. Later I repainted him freehand on my iPad, Both pieces had their debut in a gallery in Sierra Madre. Looking at him again today, I feel the urge to join him for a long drive. Care to tag along?

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