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Today I share a memory.

Deep in this heart of mine.

A memory of friendship

‘Twas once upon a time.

The memories of you my friend.

You had so much to give.

You filled us up with gratitude.

And taught us how to live.

You shared your lessons with us all.

You taught your students well.

You gave to us life’s greatest gift.

The gifts that here I tell.

Title: “Sifu Tony Horton”

Acrylic on Canvas

Commissions and Prints available


The backstory:

It is a rare experience in our lives to meet someone we can admire, trust, and love as a friend and teacher. Such a blessing was Sifu Tony Horton, a Master teacher—not only of Kung Fu San Soo—but of dedication, fortitude, and compassion. He not only taught our children the art of self defense, but taught us the gift of excellence, kindness, and gratitude.

“Sifu, you fought our battles alongside yours, and we will love you forever.”

On Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 Master Sifu, Tony Horton, lost his final battle against the pernicious disease, cancer.

This portrait, along with the portrait of Jimmy Woo, and an 8-piece mural of the story of Kung Fu San Soo was on public display for several years when Sifu owned and operated his Martial Arts Studio in Monrovia California. His family now retains ownership of this portrait, but the mural and Jimmy Woo’s portrait have come back home. Soon, I hope to once again display them to honor my friend and teacher, Sifu, Tony Horton.

Sifu: Traditionally, in Chinese martial arts, the term was used as a familial term and sign of respect as in the general usage. The term takes on a more intimate context when a student becomes a formal student or disciple of the teacher.

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