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#dailygratitude - simple beauty


“Red Chief ” - Classic Car Collections

Oil on canvas 24”x 24”


ORIGINAL FOR SALE - Contact me directly


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I turned and looked.

“Why love a car?”

So cold. Metal.

Sitting in silence.

I asked,

“Why love a car?”

Smooth contour.

Ruby red.

I was smitten

“Why love a car?”

Reflecting colors.

Sky blue.

I gave in.

”Why love this car?”

The engine purred.

The door opened.

“Because it’s beautiful.”


The backstory:

Glowing with strong color, Red Chief sits proudly in place, waiting out his time to shine.

A remnant of days past, he shows us both power and grace. The lessons we take from him are indispensable. He is not to be discarded as a used-up piece of scrap metal. Instead, he reminds us to look to the Past for the teaching of History; to the Future for the ideals of Hope; and to the Present for Goodness, Beauty, and Wholesome Existence. We give thanks for his Wisdom.


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