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#dailygratitude - my story

August 1, 2019

The Poetry of Art:

My story’s here.

My story true.

I love the colors.

Yellow, red, and blue.


The backstory:

After graduating early from high school, my parents promised me they would paint my first car. Instead, I asked for my dad to buy me automotive paint and brushes. It wasn’t long till my two toned volts wagon beetle turned into a piece of artwork. But it didn’t stop there.

At 19 I signed up for an automotive college class, where I studied about transmissions, and engines. It wasn’t long before I learned how to change my own tires and oil. I even helped rebuild an engine.

A full circle of life, now I’m back to painting cars ... but this time, on canvas.

Original Paintings and Sculptures

For Sale.

Artist Prints also available.

Message me for details

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