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#dailygratitude - my girls

Dedicated to my daughters, three


Oh my precious little girls.

How quickly did you grow.

One day a babe, next day grown.

How quickly pass the years.

My first. You laughed and danced all day.

You moved with joy and grace.

You twirled and frolicked through air.

Music was your muse.

My second daughter. Strong were you.

You ran and leapt and jumped

You found your joy in strength and zeal.

You won the ribbons blue.

And last of three. The bucket, spade,

And sand your favorite toys.

You twirled and spun around and round

And made a joyful sound.

You are my daughters one by one.

Inside my heart you stay.

Your childhood days are past and gone.

I’m proud who you’ve become.

Title: "The unfinished portrait—Tammy Tammy—Digital Rendition

Mixed Medium: digital - painting remix


This piece was inspired by my children. Each child different than the next, each girl now a woman. Those childhood memories stay with me, remind me how special it was to raise my family. Laughter, music, games. Gymnastics, ballet, swimming lessons. Birthday parties, and holidays.m, and happy times. My children taught me about what is important. Playing. Loving. Life.

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