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#dailygratitude- memory lane


“Cruisin’ the Runway” - Classic Car Collections

Oil on canvas 12”x12”



Limited Edition Signed Prints & Postcards

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Hot summer.

Lazy days.

Warm nights.

Just cruisin’.

With my friends.

Down Memory Lane.


The backstory:

Often I’m asked why I have chosen to add classic cars to my Repertoire of “Artistic Subject Matter”. In these next few posts I will share with you how I (a woman), fell in love with classic cars, and why they continue to capture my heart.

First, to give you a little insight, I started painting cars about 45 years ago. At 15 1/2-years-old I purchased my first car for $300.00. A classic in today’s world, it was a four-on-the-floor, one of a kind, 1957 (with a 1960s front hood and bumper—so I was told). For the last two years of high school, I drove that red and blue VW Beetle, back and forth from school, took my siblings here and there, and brought my friends through heat and cold, rain and snow, ice and mud. When I graduated high school, my folks offered to paint my car. Instead, I opted for colorful car paint in cans and metal putty (with brushes to match), and created my first mobile, textured mural. A blaze of color and texture took me into my artful college years.

This was only the beginning ...


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