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#dailygratitude - memories

Updated: May 20, 2019


Dreaming of summer days.

Family and friends.

Of vacation pleasures.

Young and having fun.

Bright days so colorful

In my memories.

Barbecues, marshmallows.

Fishing, fun and play.

Out in nature’s play ground.

On a summer day.

Title: “campin’ out”

Mixed Digital -oil on metal




The backstory:

This piece was inspired by colorful memories. Memories of 4 kids and a mom and dad, camping in a converted Microbus. Memories of the smell of pine, bubbling streams, and fishing. Memories of frogs croaking, starry nights, and cool clean air. It’s funny, but I don’t recall the exact color of our Microbus, but somehow I recall it was bursting with color ...

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