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#dailygratitude - making memories

Updated: Jul 10, 2019


Lets take a ride through memory lane.

The days when we were young.

Our life’s were full of fun and games.

We played and just had fun.

Summers were filled with friends and plans.

Jump rope, hopscotch, and bikes.

We laughed and danced. We spun around.

We barely touched the ground.

Our life is still a memory ...

The one we make right now.

For goodness sakes, let’s have some fun!

Before the day is done!

Title: “Campin’ Out”—in Silvertone

Digital Silvertone Rendition

© Bjlane

Commissions and Prints available


The backstory:

Another piece from my digital renditions of classic car portraits, this piece is irresistible to the eye...especially if you are one who has history with the Microbus (like I do). Family campouts those last weeks of Summer Vacation still are tucked away in a special place—my heart. Fishing, roasted marshmallows, and the smell of freshly cooked trout; hiking, starry nights, and frog legs. Sisters and brothers. Cousins and friends. Oh we had such fun

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