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#dailygratitude - let’s celebrate


Let’s have a party. Celebrate!

Let’s liven up the town!

Use your imagination, friend.

Relive our youth. Pretend.

Imagination. Joyful play.

Our life was full of dreams.

Innocence. Graceful. Effortless.

Friends. Childhood games and fun.

Let’s celebrate. Today’s the day.

Rekindle joyfulness.

Imagination, dreams, and plans.

We have them still inside.

Title: “The Curtsy”

Watercolor on paper

Digitally grayed



#watercolor #originalart #pleinair

#fineart #decor #originalart #gratitude #bettereveryday #portraits #artcommissions #gifts

#paintings #artist #decor #digitalart

The backstory:

When my children were young, the evenings and weekends were special times. Music and dress-up clothes were one of their their favorite activities. They and their friends would get out the special play clothes—lacy slips, sparky tops, high heals and scarves. Music filled the house. The tiny dancers would dance around the living room and sing along. Expressing through movement, pretending, and celebrating friendships.

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