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The history

Of days gone by.

The stories yet untold.

What made this place

Become a home?

The answers here unfold.

A house is built.

A family’s love.

And then became a home.

Not just a house.

A Mansion true.

This story’s just begun.

Read more about Duarte’s history in “Duarte Chronicles”

By Claudia Heller

Title : “The Kellogg Mansion”


Published in “Duarte Chronicles” 2007

Oil on canvas

36”x 24”




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From an excerpt in “Duarte Chronicles”:

“...The Kellogg house was a joy to finally paint, as I had been looking for its location for a long time. It is tucked away within a newer housing tract and one morning I discovered this beauty. The back of the house is splendid and one can imagine the parties that were given in its time. But I felt the front of this house deserved recognition and chose the south entrance as my artistic perspective. I began my painting on location with a unique medium, oil bars, and finish the pieces in my studio, adding the final details to the canvas with the help of reference photos taken at the scene. In this painting, begun November 2007, I added the Christmas decorations that the owners had placed in their yards as a final detail.“

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